MULLER'S MUSIC was established in 1986 by it's founder and previous owner Mr. Heinrich Karl Muller.
Hein had 40 years experience in the music industry and music was Hein's life.

Hein was born on a farm shop at Palmietfontein in the Ventersdorp district on the 14th July 1944. The youngest of 6 children he attended primary school at Ventersdorp till the family moved to Johannesburg, where he finished his primary school education.

Hein attended die burger high school from grade 8 to grade 10. All ready while in grade 9 he recorded 2 of his friends Hans and Harry Lewis, playing the nuwejaars tango, on the patio of his parents house on a old phillps reel to reel machine. Hans and Harry Lewis also attended Die Burger high school with Hein.

Hein was diagnosed with polio at the age of 16. He was in grade 10 at the time. He was at the time the fastest athlete in the 100m and also in the rugby team at school. After the diagnoses of polio Hein was sent to the hope home for treatment, but carried on with his studies and matriculated 2 years later.

After school Hein started working at the South African railways as a costing clerk at the Kazerne depot in Johannesburg. After 8 years Hein resigned and went into sales.

Hein was approached by the SINGER CO. As a salesman. Only after he was appointed, he would soon find out that he had to sell and demonstrate sewing machines door to door. that lasted about 3 months.

At that time Hein met Ken Liebman of the Liebman's Group and Ken Liebman offered Hein a job as salesman in one of his shops. after a few years Hein started working for Melody's where he received numerous awards as top salesman of the month, almost every month

After several years with Melody's, Hein was not happy with the service and policy of the CO. and resigned, as he was more interested in the music side of the business and wanted to give customers better service and prices.

After careful thought Hein decided to establish MULLER'S MUSIC in March 1986.

The first big order he received was from Anglo Gold American, Today Anglo Gold Ashanti Shaft 1. He received a cheque for the sound system and was so proud, he wanted to make a photostat copy of the cheque. The machine jammed and the cheque was stuck inside the machine. He stripped the whole machine, and retrieved the cheque. We still have a copy today framed with the official order.

Between March 1986 and March 1987 he met Annetjie. Together they travelled the country and did sound for artists like Gene Rockwell, Lance James, Maritza, Lee Magnam, Mike Schutte, Bles Bridges, Ken Mullen, Barbara Ray, Billy Forest, Sonja Herhold, Amanda Luyt, Wessel Germishuisen and Ben Theunissen, but to name a few.

Muller's Music also supplied the sound systems and instruments to bands like, Scorpio, Lee Magnum and the Bandits, Stetson, Flamingo 69, band Atlantic, UC4, George Faber and his band, Profile, Kempton Park Junior Boere Orkes, Future Stars, Marie Gibson, Martin Lane, etc.

In September 1987 Hein and Annetjie moved the shop from the 1st floor at the Germiston hotel to Stanley House, with larger offices and showroom.

Hein and Annetjie started travelling the country organising talent shows Margos, Taylor's Travelogde, Kroon Plaas, Montrose Falls in Nelspruit, Night Owl in Primrose also doing sound for King Korn, world sports promotions as well as other international boxing events.

In February 1988 Muller's Music registered a record label. Released the first seven single with Sammy Jason. produced by Gene Rockwell and engineered by Phil Audiore.

Thereafter Hein decided to do a copulation album with up coming artists. The album 'VARIETY GOLD VOLUME 1' was recorded at Decibel Studios in February 1989. Producer Hein Muller, engineer Alli Heins. From the album, numerous artist were on the tv programme 'sing country' with Clive Bruce.

The album was to be aired, but at the time one of the songs on the album 'Daddys little man' sung by Billy Jay, was banned because he used the word God in the song.

Muller's Music organised the Germiston carnival which was held on the 14th October 1989.

On the 21st October 1989 their son Karl Heinrich Muller was born at the Union hospital in Alberton.

Muller's Music moved to larger premises in 1994 from Stanley House to A.P.T. Centre in Germiston, as the business expanded. Muller's Music started doing installations of sound systems in churches and schools.

Karl started primary school at laerskool Delville in 1996.

On the 14th February 1997 Hein had 3 heart attacks in one day. He was rushed to the Rose Acres Clinic where he was admitted to the icu.

Hein was referred to the Johannesburg General Hospital for surgery. In May he received a 5 heart bypass operation. He recovered very well after the operation, and was back at work in a couple of weeks.

The following year in April 1998 Hein, and his crew for the event, Jasper Van Rensburg, Pastor Willie Smit, Pastor Keith Ferguson, Dr. Clifford Ferguson, did sound at Beula park international conference centre with 10 000 people in attendance for Dr. Mark Hanby from Tennessee USA.

Hein started training Karl when he was in primary school, where he started working with his dad after hours. Karl was part of the sound team in primary school.

After completing grade 7 at primary school, Karl attended Elspark Technical high school, where he was immediately appointed to be part of the sound team. he's main subjects at school were electronics and technical drawings. after hours, Karl assisted Hein with installations of sound systems in churches and schools.

Hein had 3 strokes, but recovered well and continued working. On the 22nd may 2014 Hein passed away. He had a massive heart attack.

By then Karl had matriculated and Karl and Annetjie carried on with the business.
In March 2016 we celebrated 30 years in business. and still going strong.